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“I love Mondays.” Don’t you wish you woke up Monday morning feeling like this? For most of us, the blues begin on Sunday night as we start thinking about the workweek. It feels almost natural to dread Mondays. However, there are concrete actions you can take to help Monday feel like Funday. Check out these 10 easy tips to start loving Mondays:

10 Ways to Banish the Sunday Scaries

  1. Plan ahead: Don’t put off until Sunday what you can do today. For many of us, part of the Sunday evening routine is slogging through prep for the workweek. Try splitting up the work to leave time to relax and unwind on Sunday night.
  2. Treat yourself: Give yourself something to look forward on Monday morning! Whether it’s a new playlist you’ll listen to on the way to work or a creamy DOVE hot chocolate once you get to the office, create a sense of anticipation for Monday mornings.
  3. Make a date: Planning a fun activity for after work can help Monday speed right by. Planning to meet a friend for dinner or take the kids to the park will keep you looking ahead and feeling positive.
  4. Pay it forward: A kind word can make someone’s day. Make it your goal to sit down with a coworker over a cup of coffee and thank them for their good work or give some helpful advice.
  5. Think of others: Helping others is one of the best ways to feel happier. Plan a fundraiser at work to get everyone in on the fun and you just might find your heart swelling with affection for your office and coworkers.
  6. Get active: An active body helps foster a happy brain. Whether you take a walk during your lunch break or finally sign up for that spin class, you can improve your mood by moving your body.
  7. Make connections: They say a stranger is a friend you haven’t made yet, and nowhere is this more true than in the office. Those that report having a best friend at work also report higher engagement levels than those without. Meet with your cube-mate over a cup of tea and watch friendship bloom.
  8. Dress for success: Looking good really can help you feel good, too. Wearing clothes that make you feel confident and comfortable can help you feel excited about going to work. After all, the world is your runway.
  9. Make your space cozy: It’s easier to look forward to Monday when you’re returning to a welcoming workspace. Add a photo of your family and pets, or use a sparkly notebook that makes you smile: all these little changes will make your desk feel like a home away from home.
  10. Go further: Get involved in challenging projects that push you to use your abilities to their fullest. Having a meaningful impact on your company’s success will make you want to hop out of bed on Monday morning and start solving problems.

Try working these tips into your routine and you’ll soon find you can conquer those Sunday scaries in no time!

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