Brewing has never been this brainy

With FLAVIA IQ, every cup comes with extra smarts

Ever wish you had a second set of hands? Wish granted.

With FLAVIA IQ smart technology and online portal, the C600 could help you manage office beverages in about a third of the time.*

Flaviahhhh moment

The moment you restocked the coffee before it even runs out.

On-brewer content gets you a captive, and caffeinated, audience.

Get the attention of your coworkers without having to chase them down. FLAVIA IQ offers a variety of fun, informative on-screen content—or you can even make your own on-screen brewer content. Easy-to-use templates allow you to create:

  • imagery
  • multiple-choice questions
  • video & more*

*Subject to the terms and conditions of FLAVIA IQ.
*Monthly allocation for images and videos is 12 MB/month

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