Let your whole office chill

When your office cools down with cold drinks, satisfaction goes up


Just when you thought the C600 couldn’t get any cooler.

By adding the CHILL, you can unlock the full potential of your C600—making the only all-in-one hot and cold beverage system. When you put an unmatched variety of beverages at your coworkers’ fingertips, everyone gets just what they want.

Real Ingredients, Really Delicious

Our cold drinks use real coffee beans, real tea leaves, real fruit juice, and colors sourced from natural ingredients. And with no artificial sweeteners, they all have only 15 calories or less per serving. For real.


Coffee: Lavazza Cold Brew Coffee • Cinnamon Dolce Iced Coffee

Infused Water: Strawberry Basil • Cucumber Lime Mint

Iced Tea: Green Tea with Honey • Black Tea

How Badly Do Employees Want Cold? We’ll Let the Numbers Do the Talking.

As you know, employees have never been afraid to speak their minds. This time, we did some listening for you.

85% of employees say they want FLAVIA cold drinks in their workplace.*

79% of employees would give up other office perks to pay for them.*

Many employees think FLAVIA cold drinks would improve productivity, engagement, and overall satisfaction by 35% or more.**



*"Usage and Attitudes" Third Party study with 849 U.S. Employees, March 2019
**Based on initial testing with over 200 employees, Lavazza Cold Brew Coffee is just as liked and preferred as competitive market leaders.
***Lavazza Cold Brew Coffee Freshpack vs. Chameleon Black Coffee Cold Brew 10 fl oz. “Usage and attitudes” Third Party Study with 202 consumers, September 2019. Chameleon is a registered TM of SOCIETE DES PRODUITS NESTLE S.A. and is not affiliated with Lavazza.


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The C600 already has a low cost per cup. And if you eliminate the pilferage reported with other systems, the cost savings are practically enough to add FLAVIA cold drinks.****
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Flaviahhhh moment

When someone stops by your office and has nothing to say but thanks.