Frequently Asked Questions

So many new features may come with a few questions. Here are a few
questions we've answered - or we could answer them in person with a demo.
Features and Benefits
  • What drinks can the C600 make?
    Tea latte
    Hot chocolate
    Chocolate latte
    Cold brew coffee
    Iced coffee
    Iced tea
    Infused water
    In addition, the C600 can now prepare drinks with fresh milk and non-dairy alternatives.

    Note that the cold drinks are available with addition of FLAVIA CHILL
  • What languages are available?
    U.S. English, Canadian French, and Latin American Spanish are all available to you.
  • Can I enable/disable drinks on the drinks carousel if I don’t offer them?
    Yes. Drinks on the carousel can be enabled/disabled either via brewer settings or remotely via FLAVIA IQ.
  • Can I disable in-cup frothing if I don’t offer fresh liquid milk?
    Yes. This feature can be disabled, but we recommend keeping it switched on, as many employees bring their own milk.
Flavia IQ
  • What is FLAVIA IQ?
    FLAVIA IQ is our smart technology and sleek online portal that puts powerful tools and features right at your fingertips, so you can put the headache of managing your breakroom in the past.
  • What can I do in the FLAVIA IQ portal?
    With consumption data to help you plan restocking, employee-issued feedback alerts, automatic brewer-issued service requests, and more, the FLAVIA C600 works harder for you—so your job just got easier.
    In fact, FLAVIA IQ is anticipated to help you manage office beverages in a fraction of the time.1
    Check out the full list of features here.
  • Does the brewer need access to Wi-Fi?
    No. The brewer has a cellular modem included and therefore doesn’t need Wi-Fi access. If there is no AT&T service, you can connect the brewer via Wi-Fi, since all hardware is included in the brewer. If neither of these two ways works, you can purchase an Ethernet kit as a spare part.
  • What is the employee maintenance request feature?
    Employees can report when something is out of stock, when cleaning is required, or when other issues arise by using the little exclamation point icon in the top right corner of the brewer screen. This icon is visible only when the brewer is connected to the internet.
  • Can I disable the employee maintenance request feature?
    Yes. This feature can be disabled.
  • How do I get access to the FLAVIA IQ portal?
    Contact your drinks distributor, who can set up your account.
  • Once I have access, where do I log in?
    The FLAVIA IQ portal can be accessed at
Logistical Considerations for C600/FLAVIA CHILL or FLAVIA REFILL
  • Can FLAVIA CHILL sit under the countertop?
    Currently, FLAVIA CHILL must always sit on the countertop next to the brewer.
  • What if I want to place the C600 where I don’t have a water line available?
    The C600 is a plumbed-only system. If you want to place the C600 in a spot without an available water line, you’ll need the FLAVIA REFILL module so that the brewer can be used as a jug-fill system.
  • What is the tank capacity of the FLAVIA REFILL module
    The FLAVIA REFILL tank capacity is 213 ounces, or 30 drinks (7 ounces each).
  • Can I fill the FLAVIA REFILL tank at the sink?
    No. Due to its big tank capacity and the associated weight when full, there’s a risk of dropping the tank when carrying it to the sink. For this reason, we designed FLAVIA REFILL as a jug-fill module only, which cannot be detached.
  • Does FLAVIA REFILL come with a water filter?
    Yes. FLAVIA REFILL comes with an internal water filter.
  • How often do I need to change the water filter?
    The filter should be replaced every 2 years or 20,000 vends and can be purchased as a spare part.
  • Which module fits on which side of the brewer?
    When looking at the brewer screen, you can install FLAVIA REFILL on either side of the brewer, but you can install FLAVIA CHILL only on the right side. 
  • Can FLAVIA REFILL and CHILL both be installed on the brewer at the same time?
    No. These two modules cannot be used together.
  • Do Flavia Chill and Refill need their own power supply?
    C600 and CHILL can be plugged into the same duplex outlet. It is recommended that the outlet is a 20amp 120V dedicated GFI receptacle, which are common in kitchens and breakrooms.