What's new in Flavia IQ?

April 2022


  • Allow users to use the brewers location information as filters. You'll see a new set of filters with location values from the brewer, such as building and floor. A customer with brewers in multiple buildings and across floors can now easily filter data by using these new filters.

  • Allow users to filter multiple brewers or customers at once. Users are now able to filter multiple brewers or customers to see data for groups of brewers or customers.

  • Allow users to filter multiple categories or products. You'll be able to filter the consumption by product name and/or product category across the page rather than applying these filters to multiple charts.


  • Add visual to calculate how long it takes for your customer to consume a case of a product. Say hello to the first predictive visual in Flavia IQ. This visual helps you plan your ordering. It tells you how fast your consumers consume a case. With this insight and your on-hand stock, you can easily plan when you should place your re-order. This is in the 'Consumption Pattern' tab.

  • Add visual to show consumption by brewer. You'll see the consumption of each brewer so that you know which brewer has the best performance.

  • Add visual to show online brewers. You'll see which brewer is switched on and connected with this visual. We define "online" as a brewer that sends a signal within the last ONE hour.

  • Add visual to show offline brewer. You'll see which brewer is switched off. We define "offline" as a brewer that does not send a signal within the last ONE hour.

  • Removed green bars showing additional information. We removed green bars in Consumption tab due to low usage and feedback.

  • Removed the number of brewers having a product and average consumption of a product in a brewer. Due to low usage and feedback on the difficulty of reading the data we've removed this chart and replaced it with more useful charts.


  • Reduce refresh time to 30 minutes. We reduced the the refresh time to 30 minutes so that the report is updated more regularly.

  • Improve the color of the heatmap. We changed the color of heatmap to blue and the text color so that it is easier to read.

  • Improve the security of the portal. We improved the security of role-based model and implemented methods to prevent SQL injection.

  • Simplify the multi-brewer selection in Multi-brewer Setting. Now, you can choose single or multiple brewers in one view to change the settings. You no longer need to visit different pages for changing single or multiple brewers.

Bug Fixes

  • We fixed a bug where Customer Name or Serial Number did not show up in the Search box.

  • We fixed a bug where system filtered out brewers with a hard fault in sleep mode.

  • We fixed a bug where visuals did not display on some occasions.