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Designed with hygiene in mind, the C600 offers hot, cold, and frothy beverage options that meet the needs of every moment, while smart technology reduces the hassle of office beverage management. In short, the C600 is a win for today’s business.

WEST CHESTER, PA (July 16, 2020)—Lavazza North America Inc.  comprising the FLAVIA® single-serve brewing systems and KLIX® vending systems, is gearing up for a September 2020 launch of the FLAVIA® CREATION 600. The C600 is one of Lavazza North America Inc. most innovative brewers, offering significant advantages for office managers, end users, and office productivity. Its built-in hygiene benefits also offer a timely solution for offices reopening under the parameters of the “new normal” necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The C600 development started with Lavazza North America Inc. extensive research into the workplace and the role of office beverages. After gaining a deep understanding of the greatest needs and challenges of office managers, as well as why beverage breaks matter to employees, the company designed the C600 to facilitate better breaks and power workplace happiness through two key differentiators: the ability to deliver both hot and cold beverages in one machine and FLAVIA® IQ smart technology, which offers office managers extensive benefits that range from ease of beverage management to streamlined brewer maintenance.

“Far too many companies start with innovation, then try to make it fit into their market’s needs. But our formula for success has always been to reverse the process—first understanding what really matters to people and what they really need at work, then developing the technology that delivers,” said Bruce Williamson, Vice President of Innovation and Marketing at Lavazza North America Inc,. “What we discovered in developing the FLAVIA C600 was that employees reach for both hot and cold beverages at different times throughout the day—to refresh, to energize, for health, or even for a little indulgence. We also discovered there was a huge gap in the workplace when it came to providing hot and cold in one place, and at any time.”

Williamson continued, “Our other key discoveries confirmed that managing the break room is one of the most time-consuming hassles for office managers. Office beverages are provided to reduce stress and should not add to it. Building out FLAVIA IQ smart technology, we addressed those beverage and brewer maintenance tasks that were cumbersome and time-consuming, developing a technology service that’s essentially like giving the office manager a second set of hands.”

Lavazza North America Inc. has always designed for the workplace, with hygiene and ease of use in mind. They are confident the C600 will be seen not only as a new, innovative workplace solution that will relieve a great deal of burden from office managers and staff alike, but also as a hygienic, easy-to-use brewer that anyone can use to enjoy their favorite hot or cold beverage. The C600 will be available on Sept. 21, and companies are already eagerly awaiting its arrival, excited to start enjoying the following benefits.

Hot and cold versatility
Employees drink both hot and cold beverages throughout the day. They turn to hot drinks to kick off a productive morning, and cold drinks to quench their thirst and reinvigorate themselves throughout the day. From hot coffee and tea to cold brew coffee, iced tea, infused water, and more, the C600 plus FLAVIA® CHILL can meet the beverage demands of a typical workday.

Top features for the beverage consumer include:

  • Unmatched selection of hot/cold and dairy/non-dairy drinks in one system, including coffee, tea, lattes, cold brew coffee, infused water, and more
  • No ice needed to make cold drinks, with the addition of FLAVIA CHILL
  • Patented frothing technology that allows users to indulge in specialty drinks by frothing any fresh dairy or non-dairy milk directly in their cup

Convenience and ease of use for office managers
FLAVIA IQ smart technology and online portal delivers time-saving advantages for office managers, to ensure the break room remains well supplied and maintained, while the drinks keep flowing for employees.

  • Consumption trends allow office managers to see what’s popular with their employees and adjust orders appropriately.
  • Automatic service alerts are sent to the beverage distributor for tech support.
  • Remote configuration helps minimize in-person appointments and outside traffic into an office. The beverage distributor is able to remotely perform services such as updating firmware, modifying drink menus, and adjusting settings.
  • Automatic maintenance requests allow employees to send stocking requests and issue alerts to the office manager from the brewer screen.
  • Customizable brewer screen content templates allow for a more personal experience and an added communications channel for keeping employees up to date.

Designed with hygiene in mind
Today more than ever, break rooms need to adapt to the sensitivities of consumers. Lavazza North America Inc. ensured the C600 would have touchless brewing options for the end user. This includes the FLAVIA® Tap N’ Brew app, which gives employees the option to brew beverages from their smartphone, without needing to touch the touchscreen. Lavazza Professional will also offer an optional protective film that can be applied to the screen for always-on surface protection. Plus, 24/7 antimicrobial efficacy has been proven by independent labs using ISO global standards. Kastus registration with the U.S. EPA is currently pending.

Lavazza North America Inc. is an innovative supplier of office solutions, developing products that meet the frequently changing tastes of employees and the ever-increasing responsibilities of the office manager.

“There are going to be a lot of visible changes to offices when they reopen, but the beverage break is an immovable part of workplace culture,” Williamson said. “The happiness that a perfectly brewed coffee, tea, specialty drink, or cold beverage can bring—that’s what we strive for, time and time again, and what the FLAVIA C600 delivers now more than ever.”

For additional information, request a FLAVIA C600 demo from your beverage distributor or visit https://www.lavazzapro.com/machines/FLAVIAC600.

About Lavazza North America Inc.

Lavazza North America Inc. has spent more than 38 years designing better workdays, since launching the first single-serve brewer in 1982. Solely focused on the workplace, Lavazza North America Inc. comprises the FLAVIA® single-serve brewing systems and KLIX® vending systems—two major brands in the Office Coffee Service (OCS) and Vending categories, respectively. Every year, Lavazza North America Inc. dedicates thousands of hours of research to uncovering employees’ needs and crafting drink experiences. Whether a team is large or small, Lavazza North America Inc. delivers exceptionally reliable brewers that will ensure every moment is met with the coffee, tea, cold beverage, or specialty drink that adds a little happiness to an employee’s day—all from one system. As part of the Lavazza North America Inc. prioritizes key sustainability goals during each stage of the drink-creation process—from origin to office, farm to cup.

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