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When it comes to your office, you do it all-and then some

When it comes to your office, you do it all—and then some. Meet the brewer designed to let somebody else do some of the heavy lifting. The C600 has a 7-inch multimedia touchscreen that’s not just easy to look at, it also makes brewing the perfect cup a breeze. Your employees have choices of cup size and coffee strength right at their fingertips. And because the C600 has step-by-step instructions, your coworkers can easily tackle the small stuff—like emptying a full brewer bin.

We've rethought the drink, from the froth down

Got milk? Then you’ve got the ability to froth right in your cup.

Now your coworkers can prepare drinks with fresh dairy and non-dairy alternatives. For a cappuccino or latte, they can either add a Froth Freshpack or choose BYOM (bring your own milk or non-dairy alternative), and our patented technology will froth the milk directly in their cup.


When it comes to all of the new features that make the C600 so great,
there's a lot to drink in.

  • Designed for no taste or allergen transfer between drinks, thanks to the FLAVIA pack-to-cup system design.

  • Less mess to clean,
    with a stand that automatically adjusts to the size of your cup.

  • FLAVIA IQ smart technology and online portal to help make brewer management a breeze.

  • Automatically adjusts its brew settings based on the Freshpack you choose.

  • Easily pairs with FLAVIA CHILL to make it the only all-in-one hot and cold beverage system.

  • Offers variety to satisfy everyone in the office—which we all know is no easy task.

What's brewing?

With so many options and so many brands, you may need a few more cups.

Classics: Coffee • Tea • Hot Chocolate

Specialty: Cappuccino • Latte • Tea latte • Chocolate latte

Cold*: Cold brew coffee • Iced coffee • Iced tea • Infused water

In addition, the C600 can now prepare drinks with fresh milk and non-dairy alternatives. Don't forget to BYOM (bring your own milk).

Flaviahhhh moment

When everyone in the office finally seems satisfied.

Creation 600
Product Specifications


H 17.1" x W 12.1" x D 20.1"

H 435 mm x W 308 mm x D 511 mm


32.0 lbs.; when full: 34.2 lbs.

Cup clearance

Max = 4.5" (without drip tray: max = 6.5")

Power Supply

AC 120 V, 60 Hz, 1550 W

Add-on Modules


Dimensions: H 15.9" x W 11.0" x D 18.0"

H 405 mm x W 280 mm x D 457 mm

Weight: 47 lbs.; when full: 56.0 lbs.

Water supply: Plumbed-in only

Power supply: AC 120 V, 60 Hz, 243 W


Dimensions: H 15.9" x W 4.6" x D 16.8"

H 405 mm x W 117 mm x D 427 mm

Weight: 8.6 lbs,; when full: 23.1 lbs.

Tank capacity: 213.0 oz. or 30 7-oz drinks

Cannot be used with FLAVIA CHILL

Here to create the best world we can through every cup

The C600 uses 70% less energy and has a 55% lower carbon footprint per cup of coffee than a leading bean-to-cup machine.* That's due to its design, which uses less energy and requires less coffee when you brew. How's that for a pick-me-up?

*FLAVIA C600 compared with the VKI Eccellenza Touch, brewing 30 cups of coffee over a simulated 24-hour period of workplace consumption.

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